Grassroots and Grass Tops Influencing

Wellington works with clients to establish grassroots support via community-based outreach efforts. Additionally, the members of Wellington's team have strong connections with key influencers in communities to advocate for grass tops efforts. Wellington can tailor an approach to fit your vision and needs by helping secure letters to the editor, OpEd pieces to newspapers, calls to talk shows, and town hall meetings with legislators.



Contract Procurement

Wellington Strategies helps companies identify, prequalify and chase government contracts from all federal, state and local departments and agencies. Government contracts and procurement processes in general can be daunting, often discouraging qualified companies from providing products and services. Wellington will help your organization navigate a complex but rewarding government marketplace.


Government Affairs and Lobbying


Wellington assists clients in their interactions with elected officials. Wellington has strong relationships with offices at all levels of government and can help to facilitate meetings on behalf of client interests.  Wellington's team can manage pieces of legislation as they move  through the complex legislative process.  Legislative interactions can be with or without clients being present, based on their needs and time obligations. 


Foundation Assistance

Wellington has built strong relationships with many local and national foundations across the country. Wellington facilitates introductions and works to fit clients needs into areas of funding for targeted foundation support. 


Grant Identification, Writing, and Administration

Wellington offers assistance in identifying, completing and managing grant applications offered by institutions such as government departments, corporations, foundations, and trusts. Wellington helps develop specialized grant calendars that help track client grants and deadlines throughout the year. Wellington writes and submits grant applications on behalf of clients and subsequently manages grant awards for clients to maintain compliance and auditing protocols.


Public Relations

Wellington will handle all aspects of a clients needs for public facing operations.  Wellington can plan events, prepare media advisories and press releases, arrange media availability and press conferences, set up invitations to public and private events, and assist with turnout. Wellington helps organizations to develop a comprehensive public affairs strategy and can assist with crisis communication as necessary.


Case studies for each of these core competencies will be available for download from our website soon. For case studies specific to your needs please contact us and we'll be happy to provide them.