Level FIVE: $7,995/MO.

In the last decade, we have seen significant advances in communications technologies and platforms, significantly impacting the way that politicians interact with their constituencies, make decisions and work to be elected/re-elected. To take advantage of these changes, leverage these new tools and provide a truly comprehensive, wrap-around advocacy package, we created Level 5.  Level 5 adds Political Action Committee (PAC) setup and management, and a variety of “e-advocacy” services to all of the other elements included in Levels 1-4.  In Level 5, Wellington will set up a PAC for clients, and develop and execute a political giving strategy that maximizes the impact of our messaging and advocacy efforts.  Additionally, Level 5 includes the development and implementation of a social media strategy, including the development of appropriate content, the selection of the appropriate platforms, and initiation and management of the social media messaging and advocacy effort.

Level 5 includes all services in Levels 1-4, plus:

  • Setting up a PAC that is within compliance of all applicable laws and regulations
  • Maintaining PAC reporting with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and other entities as required
  • Crafting a strategy for use of PAC funds, identifying appropriate events, and attending such events as necessary
  • Comprehensive analysis of a client’s social media presence and strategy
  • Crafting and executing a full-scale social media strategy including, cultivating social media relationships, engaging Members and staff, creating necessary supporting materials (white papers, infographics, etc.), and making necessary adjustments based on metrics.