Level THREE: $2,995/MO.

Our Level 3 offering is traditional representation at its core, at a fraction of the traditional price. This is the option for clients needing hands-on, direct advocacy, whether in the halls of Congress or in the Executive Branch. Level 3 includes a broad range of proactive advocacy activities, and is the primary vehicle clients choose when seeking to promote or ward off legislative change, influence regulatory drafting, promulgation or enforcement, secure government funding, or simply establish a competitive advantage through some targeted element of public policy. Level 3 includes all the steps necessary to make sure your cause is effectively promoted and your issue is resolved. Along the way, we will work closely with you to keep you informed of developments, define near- and long-term goals, and adapt and refine strategies as necessary and appropriate.

Level 3 includes services in both Levels 1 and 2, plus:

  • Thorough evaluation of the client’s needs and the legislative or regulatory changes sought
  • Consultations with the client to formulate an appropriate and comprehensive plan of attack
  • Development of all necessary advocacy materials
  • Ongoing strategy sessions with the client to assess and refine efforts
  • Drafting of any specific legislative or regulatory language
  • All necessary meetings with federal stakeholders to gather intelligence, and promote the desired measures