Level ONE: $995/MO.

Level 1 constitutes not only our firm’s foundation, but also showcases our unique business model. It pulls back the curtain from those Washington lobbyists who for far too long have made access to government expensive and inaccessible. Level 1 is Washington’s first affordable option for federal representation. It incorporates a clear set of basic services to ensure that Congress is aware of your organization’s priorities and provides an excellent member benefit for smaller associations and organizations.

Wellington will help identify your issues and needs, tailor your message as appropriate, and keep you abreast of pertinent developments in DC. Many clients use Level 1 to get acclimated with the federal landscape, create awareness, and position their organization as a resource to the federal government. This is all capped off with a monthly report clearly outlining the work done and meetings taken on your behalf.

Level 1 includes:

  • Initial consultation to understand your needs and issues
  • Formulation of your issue paper used as a “leave behind” in our various meetings
  • Registering and maintaining status as your federal representative
  • Monthly meetings with federal stakeholders to create vital relationships
  • Receipt of Congressional Climate™ daily emails
  • Legislative Issue Alerts (as appropriate)
  • Personally tailored, monthly report
  • Easy access to both our K Street and Capitol Hill offices as well as all of our staff